Pineville, 1997 … Barbara opened one of the first all-natural, healthy, hypo-allergenic dog treat bakeries. Seeing the great results they achieved while feeding her treats, customers would ask, “What do you feed your dogs?”

Back then, the answer was a homemade, raw diet that Barbara made herself. Then, Barbara discovered SOJOS, a homemade-made-easy food that we carry in the store to this day.

We now offer several varieties of  RAW diets, comprised of real, whole foods, which we still believe is the ultimate in great nutrition for dogs and cats.

We also offer convenient CANNED FOOD formulas — another healthy alternative.

For great value and convenience, we also offer several  GRAIN-FREE KIBBLE varieties, and select  WHEAT-, CORN- and SOY-FREE DRY DOG FOODS.

Every item we carry stems from those healthy impulses that led Barbara to start baking an alternative to commercially available treats.


In addition to great dog and cat foods we’ve carefully selected, we also offer everything else we can think of to support your dog’s healthy, active lifestlye:

  • Supplements (by Missing Link, Pet Naturals, Grizzly Salmon oil, and more)
  • Treats & Chews: Our own made-on-site, healthy, handmade biscuits and goodies, as well as many GRAIN-FREE treats and a great “bone bar” full of ANTLERS, BONES, & CHEWS
  • Grooming tools, all-natural shampoos, holistic flea & tick remedies, and natural, green clean-up products
  • Toys: featuring eco-friendly & made-in-the-USA lines
  • Collars, Leashes, & Harnesses (featuring US-made & locally made)
  • Outdoor and travel gear by Ruffwear
  • Diners & Bowls
  • Crates & Beds


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