Company founder, Barbara, started baking for dogs in 1995, when her dog, TJ, developed allergies to commercial treats. She opened a charming pet treat bakery in Pineville, NC, in 1997, where she helped educate customers about the need for a natural diet for their pets. They embraced her and saw the great results of this improved, all-natural lifestyle in their dogs.

Meanwhile, sometime around 2004, Meredith was living in Dilworth with no local, natural pet supply shops anywhere near the Uptown area. She partnered with Barbara and they moved the bakery from Pineville to South End, just outside of Uptown, and opened the area’s first local pet boutique.

Six years later, we needed more space and better parking, and have moved to our third and best location just off South Boulevard (still in the Uptown/South End area of course!). Today, the pet industry is thriving (perhaps exploding) in Charlotte, and many of our fans and longtime, loyal customers give Barbara credit for jump-starting it.

Canine Café  |  704-LUV-DOGS (704-588-3647)  |  125 Remount Road, Unit A, Charlotte NC 28203